EvalTools K12 AAS

Academic Assistant System

EvalTools® can facilitate managing and monitoring your academic administration functions as well as your outcomes assessment process.

Academic Administration Features provide unique interfaces based on the users' roles at school and the ability to allow relevant data access for each individual.

Outcome Management Features are designed to allow easy access to your school's assessment data from different perspectives.

 Academic Administration Features:

EvalTools® is unique in identifying a user's role in your school upon login. EvalTools® gives the Superintendent, Curriculum Director, Principal, teacher, and students their own relevant features once the individual logs in. The features available to each user are hierarchical, much like the structure of your school. The Curriculum Director can see data at all levels. The Principal can see data on the grade levels and teachers can only see data from their own classes. EvalTools® provides features grouped in "Offices," much like the functional units at school as follows:

    • Superintendent/Curriculum Director's Office
    • Principal's Office
    • Teacher's Office
    • Secretary's Office
    • Student's Desk

The following table illustrates some of the key features available to each office.

Curriculum Director/
Superintendent's Office
Principal's Office Teacher's Office Student's Desk
  • Current/Past Course Portfolio of any course
  • Centralized Program assessment/Program Evaluation
  • Centralized Student Evaluation
  • Centralized Teacher's teaching records
  • Centralized objective evidence folders
  • View Current/Past Course Portfolio of any course
  • Centralized View of Program Assessment/Program Evaluation
  • Centralized View of Student Evaluation
  • Centralized View of Teacher's teaching records
  • Centralized View of objective evidence folders

*features applied only to his/her supervised grade levels

  • Current/Past Course Portfolio
  • Program Evaluation
  • Student Evaluation
  • Self-teaching records

*features applied only to assigned classes

Current courses portfolios


Key advantages:

  1. Consolidating data into different offices makes it clear and easy for the relevant individuals to monitor data and results of activities.
  2. Teacher's learning plans are saved and documented. It is also easier for the next teacher to continue from where the last teacher may have stopped.
  3. More importantly, data are centralized and accessible by a common framework. The EvalTools® data storage framework will allow other third party curriculum subject data to be ported into it for ease of management. The EvalTools® service team will work with you to explain this process.