Curriculum Framework

"Curriculum Framework specifies what is to be taught for each subject in the curriculum" Definition from the PA Department of Education's website.Curriculum Framework

EvalTools® is designed to provide an effective curriculum framework for outcomes-based instructional assessment. As explained and illustrated in the Clear Standards and Fair Assessment sections, EvalTools®
provides a learning plan and builds your course portfolio features that are specifically adaptive to the Curriculum Framework:

 Learning Plan:

The initial planning for entire semester's learning is critical to the success of the teaching and learning experience. EvalTools® provides features to build your learning plan. The typical elements of a learning plan consists of (a) course description, (b) course outcomes, (c) course outline, (d) course assessment methods, (e) grading policy, (f) course outcomes assessment criteria, and etc. The effectiveness of the teaching and learning experience relies on this initial planning stage.

The EvalTools® learning plan captures theses specifies:

    • What is covered
    • Targeted skill sets to be achieved (course outcomes)
    • Detailed learning activities and content
    • Assessment methods to be used in class
    • Performance criteria to measure student learning
    • Key assignments with justification as a gauge in meeting each course outcome
    • Intended objective evidence in support of meeting course outcomes
 Lessons and Assignments:

The learning plan details the structure of what is to be taught in the semester. For day-to-day learning activities, lesson plans are captured by the Lessons and Assignments modules of EvalTools®.

The two modules:

  • Lessons: The Lessons module is where the detailed lectures, planned activities, and course material to be presented are located.
  • Assignments: The EvalTools® assignment module differs from other LMS assignment modules in its ability to define key assignments that can be tracked for meeting any specified course outcomes. Graded key assignments are furthered processed to compute the necessary performance vector to help gauge the level of success in meeting course outcomes or to gauge the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. This particular module is central to the functionality of the EvalTools® outcomes assessment system. Not all assignments need to be defined as key assignments. You can select as many as you want or need.