AdamTools Enroll

AdamTools™ Enroll facilitates three modes of application processes to assist in dealing with parents who have email accounts and access to computers at home and those who are more comfortable applying in-person. An account can be set up for those who apply in person but still have computer access. The following figures depict these three modes:



 Figure A: Supported modes of enrollment processes


What you get:

    • A customized image icon for your school's website to enable users to access the online application form easily
    • A customized application form designed according to your needs and requirements. A secure and legally tracked online signature feature is standard.
    • Centralized monitoring and tracking of applicant status and submitted material. Only confirmed accepted applicants will become active students.
    • Customizable emails alerts to school personnel regarding application status
    • Easy tracking of student demographic information, submitted material
    • Note taking capabilities on students