EvalTools IIS

EvalTools® IIS  is a comprehensive and complete toolset to help your institution focus on meeting your educational goals and targets by (1) streamlining and enhancing the teaching and learning experience; (2) serving as data warehousing of all your current and past teaching data; (3) providing a consistent curriculum framework to meet your educational standards.

EvalTools® IIS consists of three integrated modules:

The following figure gives the overview of EvalTools® IIS.


Figure 1: EvalTools IIS product concept


 Learning Management System (LMS)

EvalTools® IISLMS provides all the essential elements to manage day-to-day classroom activities. Better yet, EvalTools® LMS is well-integrated with the OAS. Your day-to-day classroom activities contribute seamlessly to the course's outcomes assessment as well as overall student or program outcomes assessment.

EvalTools® LMS centers around the planning-teaching-assessment cycle for any given course. By doing so, EvalTools® LMS embeds assessment in teaching and learning activities right from the beginning


 Outcomes Assessment System (OAS)

EvalTools® IIS-OAS is designed to support a well-accepted quality improvement assessment process. For any program, the assessment cycle begins with alignment of the program educational objectives to the university mission; then tracks student outcomes (program outcomes) attainment by assessing student learning; and eventually aligns student learning to course outcomes (embedded course assessment) to gauge teaching and learning effectiveness. To get a better understanding of the assessment cycle, please read the Basics of Outcomes Assessment.

EvalTools® OAS categorizes the quality improvement process into three levels: program educational objective assessment; student outcomes assessment; and course outcomes assessment. EvalTools® provides rich and relevant features to support each of these three levels of assessment activities. EvalTools® OAS is designed to address the following important questions:

  1. Identify strength and weaknesses in the curriculum for quality improvement
  2. Gauge the level of success in meeting program outcomes/educational objectives
  3. Enhance teaching effectiveness via a performance-based evaluation process
  4. Effectively track/document "closing the loop" on outcomes assessment

EvalTools® OAS features that address the above questions are separately explored in the following five categories:

    • Gauging curriculum/standards attainment features
    • Assessment instrument for non-classroom environment
    • Assessment instrument for classroom environment
    • Assessing and tracking teaching effectiveness
    • Effective outcome management features


 Academic Administration System (AAS)

EvalTools® IIS-AAS is unique in identifying a user's role in your school once the individual logs in. EvalTools® gives Provosts, Deans, Chairs, program directors, faculty members, and students their own relevant features once logged in. The features available to each user are hierarchical, much like that of your school. The Provost/Deans can see data at all levels. Chairs can see data at the departmental level and a faculty member can only see data at his/her own level for example. To make life easier, EvalTools® provides features grouped in "Offices," much like the functional units at school:

    • Provost/Dean Office
    • Chair Office
    • Faculty Office
    • Secretary Office
    • Student Desk

Key Advantages:

  1. By consolidating data into different offices, it is clear and easier to monitor data and results of activities by the relevant individuals.
  2. Faculty's learning plans are saved and documented.  It is also easier for the next teacher to pick up where that last one left off.