Assessment Instruments for the Classroom Environment

Course-Exit Survey:

The course-exit survey is created to handle an entire department's course assessment or all the departments' course assessment within a college, and can be effectively used by the entire university with only a single survey deployment. EvalTools® allows you to select specific departments to be included in any given survey. In this category, there are two main surveys: (1) Outcomes-based Course Assessment Survey; and (2) General Course Assessment Survey.

The differences between these two types of surveys are summarised in the following table:

 Outcomes-based Course Assessment  General Course Assessment 
  • Each course can have its own outcomes and assessment methods.
  • Each course's unique outcomes are assessed along with customized common questions pertaining to the entire department.
  • EvalTools® tracks the course outcomes with respect to a set of program/student outcomes that the department has defined.
  • No course outcomes tracking mechanism against program/student outcomes
  • Faculty Course Assessment Report (FCAR) available
  •  No FCAR feature
  • Action Items tracking mechanism available
  •  No Action Items feature
  • Replaces conventional paper evaluation
  •  Yes
  • Achieved data can be easily retrieved
  • Manage and track departmental course evaluation data over terms
  • Reporting features for faculty to document course evaluation data over terms
  • Chair/program director can monitor class response rates for the surveys deployed
  • Faculty can view class response rate and follow up with alerting emails to students
  • Past course information can be easily ported to the next cycle of survey deployment
  •  Yes