EvalTools K12 IIS

EvalTools® Instructional Improvement System (IIS) is designed to provide comprehensive treatment for course/teaching assessment in addition to student learning assessment. It provides summative and formative assessment tools that allow teachers to gauge teaching topics aligned with state standards; ensures the right level of challenge; focuses teaching on the needs of each student; and then implements instructional strategies to increase student achievement. Using collected data from student learning, the school can further determine action items needed to improve curriculum design and development. Figure 1 shows the main functionalities of the overall cycle of EvalTools® Instructional Improvement System.

 EvalTools® IIS consists of three integrated modules:

    • Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Outcomes Assessment System (OAS)
    • Academic Administrative System (AAS)

For details, please click on each module to learn more.


Standards Aligned System:

EvalTools® IIS is also a Standard Aligned System. It is specifically designed to address and support all the essential elements aiding student achievement throughout K12 education. The essential elements are:

    • Clear Standards
    • Fair Assessments
    • CurriculumFramework
    • Instruction
    • Materials and Resources
    • Interventions

The PA Department of Education's website provides valuable information on Standards Aligned System and every aspect of the above six essential elements. The following diagram illustrates the interrelation of the six essential elements that affect student achievement. EvalTools® IIS provides the necessary features and toolsets that support each essential element forming the Standards Aligned System. To find out more about what EvalTools® IIS can do in each category, please click on a category under the Standards Aligned System on the right menu

Instructional Improvement System SAS1
Figure 1: Instructional Improvment System  Figure 2: Standards Alignment System