"The purpose of intervention is to ensure students are provided with the standards-based supports they need to meet/exceed grade level standards. A comprehensive system of interventions involves a graduated set of safety nets aligned to specific student needs and standards." —Definition from the PA Department of Education's website. Interventions


AdamTools™ Special Ed. provides a framework for dealing students that need intervention.  However, EvalTools® provides the Student Evaluation module to assist you in determining the strengths and weaknesses of a student. By knowing up-to-date information on a student's performance in all subject areas, you can make a better decision on what type of intervention is needed for that student. In other words, using the EvalTools® Student Evaluation module ensures proper justification for an intervention to prevent mislabelling of students.

Student Evaluation:

EvalTools® provides a complete 360˚ view of a selected student's performance in class as well as performance throughout the student's academic years. EvalTools® provides features for a teacher to examine any student's strengths and weaknesses in class with respect to meeting the course outcomes or to examine a student's academic strengths and weakness over terms. This information will allow you to form a better idea of how to assist that student in the learning process.

For a Principle or Curriculum Director, EvalTools® student evaluation features provide a means to form a complete learning profile of any student and to further help that student with academic learning.