Materials and Resources

"Materials and Resources are learning progressions, units, lesson plans, and content resources that are aligned to standards in the curriculum framework." Definition derived from the PA Department of Education's website.Material and Resources

EvalTools® does not provide materials and resources for your teaching needs. EvalTools® helps you organize and save all the materials and resources that you have developed or collected throughout the years and provides easy interfaces to enable you to share them with others.

The relevant modules include:

 Lessons and Assignments:

Your learning materials can be captured by either the Lessons or the Assignment module depending on how you want students to access them. Lessons keeps lesson plans, units, and content resources. Assignments tracks homework, case studies, written assignments, quizzes, etc. including those key assignments you wish to map to course outcomes or student outcomes.

 Add a Course User:

By design, the teacher is the course administrator for any given course. If you wish to share your course material with others or to allow another teacher to co-own the course material, you could use Add a course user to add that person.

 My Past Course Portfolio:

Once you build your course material, you can access the contents by simply browsing through your past course portfolio via My past course portfolio. If you offer the same course for a new term, you can port the previous contents over to the current term and update them accordingly without asking your system administrator to set up the past course to access it. My past course portfolio captures all your past course activities and is independent from your current course content even if the same course is offered
again for the current term.