EvalTools OAS

Outcomes Assessment System:

This is the powerhouse of EvalTools®. EvalTools® state-of-the art toolsets and features are specially designed for K-12 education and allow you to gauge standards attainment, measure teaching effectiveness, and facilitate student achievement. EvalTools® is designed to support the K-12 assessment cycle in meeting state educational standards. Figure x illustrates the general assessment cycle for a typical school district for meeting its educational standards and how EvalTools® facilitates the process.


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State Standards and Performance Criteria—In order to meet the K-12 state educational standards, some forms of performance criteria should be defined. In this case, EvalTools® provides an easy interface with pull-down menus to select the appropriate state standards pertaining to your subject matter— Math or English, for example. More importantly, EvalTools® provides a consistent framework of performance criteria (EAMU performance vector) based on well-tested and documented methodologies for
assessing both teaching and student learning.

Educational Practice—Depending upon the mandated state standards as well as the suggested process for assessment, each school district differs in its assessment practices and teaching. Assessment in general focuses on gauging standards attainment, measuring teaching effectiveness, and facilitating student achievement. Regardless of the practices, EvalTools® views assessment at the course level as the fundamental component of your assessment process. EvalTools® provides an easy interface to align assessment anchors as course outcomes and eligible contents as key assignments for assessing the teaching and learning to meet course outcomes.

Assessment—EvalTools® views assessment as a process to collect and analyze student work. This is the most time consuming portion of the entire assessment cycle. However, EvalTools® OAS is so embedded with EvalTools®'s LMS; your daily teaching delivery is captured and forms the Course Portfolio for you as you go. EvalTools® TCAR (Teacher Course Assessment Report) feature gives you end-of-semester assessment (summative) as well as just-in-time feedback (formative) to gauge teaching effectiveness of student learning.

Evaluation—A major indication of the success of your assessment cycle is the effectiveness of evaluating all the collected data in a timely manner. EvalTools® recognizes the importance of evaluation by providing an array of features to help simplify efforts. The key features are:

    • course outcomes assessment—gives detailed feedback on how each course outcome is met and the relevant strengths and weaknesses;
    • student outcomes assessment—provides an overall view of the success of each subject matter in meeting state standards;
    • student evaluation—gives detailed and relevant information on student academic strengths, weakness, or areas of concern for improvement or intervention;
    • longitudinal data analysis—provides a snapshot of how each of your subjects progresses in time;
    • curriculum outcomes matrix—provides snapshots of the correlation of each subject's course outcomes with state standards, which, in turns, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your subject matter;
    • action items matrix—summarizes the corrected actions or discussion for improvement; and
    • executive summary—provides a consistent and clear framework for reporting final assessment results to your school board or constituents.

Action Item—the final step in closing the loop for improvement is correcting the action items. EvalTools® captures all your assessment data starting from the course portfolio, through the revision of action items, to the executive summary. All suggestions for improvement and the results of improved implementation are clearly captured and documented as necessary evidence for a well-defined assessment cycle.


To better understand how EvalTools® can be of value to you, please take a look at how EvalTools® support the Standards Aligned System. In a Standards Aligned System, there are six aspects of activities: (a) Clear Standards; (b) Fair Assessment; (c) Curriculum Framework; (d) Instruction; (e) Materials and Resources; and (f) Intervention. In reality, the EvalTools® K-12 Assessment Cycle is just a way of looking at the Standards Aligned System from the process perspective. EvalTools® is also adaptable to other instructional assessment systems.