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EvalTools® OAS --Outcomes Assessment System—is designed to support a well-accepted quality improvement assessment process. For any program, the assessment cycle begins with alignment of the program's educational objectives to the university mission and then tracks the student outcomes (program outcomes) attainment by assessing student learning. Eventually, student learning is aligned to course outcomes (embedded course assessment) to gauge teaching and learning effectiveness. To get a better understanding of the assessment cycle, please read Basics of Outcomes Assessment.

EvalTools® categorizes the quality improvement process into three levels: program educational objective assessment, student outcomes assessment, and course outcomes assessment. EvalTools® provides rich and relevant features to support each of these three levels of assessment activities. EvalTools® OAS is designed to address the following important issues:

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum for quality improvement
  2. Gauge the level of success in meeting program outcomes/educational objectives
  3. Enhance teaching effectiveness via a performance-based evaluation process
  4. Effectively track/document "closing the loop" on outcomes assessment

Features addressing the above questions are highlighted in the following five categories:

    • Gauging curriculum/standards attainment features
    • Assessment instrument for the non-classroom environment
    • Assessment instrument for the classroom environment
    • Assessingand tracking teaching effectiveness
    • Effective outcome management features