Gauging Curriculum/Standards Attainment

Curriculum Outcomes Matrix: 

The Curriculum Outcomes Matrix provides the overview of strengths and weaknesses of courses in meeting student outcomes. The following figure shows a snapshot of a curriculum matrix.

 curriculum outcomes matrix

Curriculum outcomes matrix

From this matrix, you can derive

  1. How each course outcome correlates with program outcomes (indicated by an "x".)
  2. The number of courses offered each term that satisfies each program outcome (indicated as a number in the "Total Courses" row).

This information gives you a sense of your program's strengths and weaknesses. There are three other perspectives of the curriculum outcome matrix offered by EvalTools®:

  • A simplified overview of the curriculum outcome matrix—gives only the aggregate correlation relations without the detailed course outcomes as shown in the above figure. This is useful when a simplified overview is desired.
  • A detailed student view on curriculum outcome matrix—gives aggregate results from student evaluation on each course outcome as measured against program outcomes. It gives the students' perception of the program and reveals potential weaknesses of the program.
  • A detailed comparative view on curriculum outcome matrix—gives the comparative aggregate results from both students and faculty. This comparative view matrix determines if the students' perspectives are accountable and in line with those of the faculty.