Standards Aligned System

EvalTools® K12 Edition is designed for the Standards Aligned System. It is specifically designed to address and support all the essential elements aiding student achievement throughout their K12 education. The essential elements are:

    • Clear Standards
    • Fair Assessments
    • Curriculum Framework
    • Instruction
    • Materials and Resources
    • Interventions

The PA Department of Education's website provides valuable information on the Standards Aligned System and every aspect of the above six essential elements. The following diagram depicts the interrelation of the six essential elements affecting student achievement. EvalTools® provides the necessary features and toolsets that support each essential element forming the Standards Aligned System. To find out what EvalTools® can do in each category, please click on a category.

 standards aligned system

Centralized Data Management:

EvalTools® saves and tracks your teaching and learning activities and data from term to term. Using EvalTools® as the data warehouse of all your school's academic data is only natural. You could retrieve and review your school's past academic data or the current data at any point. With EvalTools® Academic Administration System (AAS), teachers, students, and administrators are given targeted features according to their roles when they log in. EvalTools® AAS is also a natural toolset that can be used as the centralized gateway to your teaching and academic administration functions.