AdamTools Special Ed

Our unique Case Manager concept treats each student with an individual education program as a case study with its own case file. Each case is assigned a Case Manager to handle and manage the process and activities. This Special Ed. module provides comprehensive management of information through three separate processes: Intervention Assistant Team (IAT), Multi-Factor Evaluation (MFE) and Individual Education Program (IEP). The following figure depicts the process from intervention to individualized education design.


 Figure A: AdamTools special education features


What you get:

    • Centralized control of the referral system
    • Case management for IAT process
    • Easy tracking of IAT meetings and progress status
    • Customizable worksheets to facilitate IAT meetings
    • Centralized recordkeeping of supporting documents and test results
    • Graphical analysis of test results
    • Customized notification of accepted IAT students to groups of personnel such as teachers, counselors
    • Seamless integration of IAT's recommendation to MFE
    • Customizable email alerts to MFE team
    • Convenient individual student case management
    • Customizable worksheets to facilitate MFE meetings
    • Easy monitoring of ordered tests
    • Generation of Evaluation Technical Report (ETR PR-07 form)
    • Seamless integration of MFE's recommendation to IEP
    • Customizable email alerts to IEP team
    • Easy tracking of release form's data and requests
    • Journal entries on student progress
    • Case management for IEP process
    • Customizable designed services tracking
    • Generation of PR-06
    • Downloadable PR-01 – PR-09 forms (dynamic and static pdf forms)
    • Easy management of student performance tracking notes
    • Recordkeeping of communication with parents
 Account Manager
    • Easy control of access rights for different categories of personnel such as teachers or staff. For example, the IAT staff sees features pertaining only to IAT, but not other features.