What We Offer

We offer a top-quality Learning Enterprise System and flexible software modules that meet the needs of K-12 schools and higher education institutions in managing student information and individualized education plans and learning management. Our outcomes assessment package is designed to assist you with meeting state educational standards and accreditation. If you are facing one of the following challenges, we have the solution for you   


K-12 Schools

Higher Ed. Institutions

  • Dealing with multiple software packages just to manage student information and school operational functions?
  • Data not centralized, easily accessible, must be entered multiple times?
  • Difficulty in tracking data to meet state standards?
  • Difficulty in reporting data?
  • Overwhelmed with special education needs?


Solutions Available:

  • AdamTools™Suite
  • AdamTools™ Enroll
  • AdamTools™SIS
  • AdamTools™ Special Ed.
  • AdamTools™ PBS
  • EvalTools® K12 IIS
  • Still deal with paper surveys?
  • Inconsistent programassessment processes among departments/programs?
  • Lack of a tracking mechanism for gauging success in student learning?
  • No roll-up data from individual programs to university-wide outcomes?
  • Existing LMS cannot effectively do program or student outcomes assessment?
  • Lack of capacity to track faculty's teaching data?
  • Difficulties with the self-study process?


Solutions Available:

  • EvalTools® HigherEd IIS
  • EvalTools® Survey
  • EvalTools® Self-Study


EvalTools® is the ONLY assessment tool endorsed by Spady & Uy Center as the OBE Tool.  It is the ONLY tool featured in the very first OBE iCON 2016 conference in Asia. 



Success Stories...

"In our most recent ABET visit in 2011, EvalTools® was a 'great tool' to apply because it provided a thorough and solid assessment mechanism for improving the program that helps us in the accreditation process..." Mohammed Eltayeb, Chair, Department of Physics and Engineering, Frostburg State University.

Success Stories ...

"The ECE department passed the accreditation process using the Faculty Course Assessment Report (FCAR) as the primary tool for program assessment. EvalTools® streamlines the process of how FCAR was implemented in addition to providing a structured process in data analysis, mapping course outcomes to student outcomes and closing the loop for curriculum improvement.  The use of EvalTools is certainly one of the strengths of the department in 2005 and during the most recent visit in 2011" Fong Mak, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Gannon University

Comments from users...

"The feature of exporting a report in Word to allow me to include examples of student evaluations in ABET report is excellent!" Davide Piovesan, Program Director, Bio-Medical Engineering, Gannon University

"Through the efficient integration of course evaluation and lesson management, EvalTools has successfully established a single platform for instructors to interact with the students and the course materials." Ramakrishnan Sundaram, Faculty, Gannon University

"The overwhelming feeling that I get in using EvalTools over ANGLE is the smoothness and conciseness of its operation.  The layout is good and the navigation is easy to follow." Tim Burbules, Student, Gannon University

"In AdamTools, the SSID for enrolling students is great!  I don't have to keep copying them over once they're in.  This feature makes my work a lot easier." Esther Schrager, Attendance/EMIS/SOES Coordinator, VirtualSchoolHouse, Ohio.