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Top Quality Software Solutions in Learning, Student Data, School Operation, and Accreditation Management for K-12 and Higher Education


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We offer a top-quality array of flexible software solutions that meet the needs of K-12 schools and higher education institutions in managing student information; school operational management system; advanced lesson creation, management, and delivery system; program outcomes assessment; continuous improvement; comprehensive survey system; and institutional self-study system.



We have extensive experience in working with K-12 schools as well as higher education institutions to provide our standard services to meet their needs. 



Our team not only can work on your technology needs, also provide effective consultancy to data analysis, and assessment preparation in meeting standards.


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Gannon University
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Bridge Gate Community
School Academy Of Junior Scholars
Quest Community School
Beacon Academy
Capella Institute
Castle High School
East Bridge Academy
New Bridge Academy
South Side Academy
Miami Valley Academies
Lake Erie International High School
Stark High School
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Virtual Schoolhouse
Steel Academy
River Gate Ohio Construction Academy
Urban Early Academy
Cincinnati Achievement Academy
West Preparatory Academy
Renaissance Academy
Tadika Sri
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Alpha Idealistic Preschool

Islamic University

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EvalTools® is the ONLY assessment tool endorsed by Spady & Uy Center as the OBE Tool. It is the ONLY tool featured in the very first OBE iCON 2016 conference in Asia. 

Again, the only designated software technology in 2021 OBE Virtual Summit

Success Story

“In our most recent ABET visit in 2011, EvalTools® was a ‘great tool’ to apply because it provided a thorough and solid assessment mechanism for improving the program that helps us in the accreditation process…”

Mohammed Eltayeb, Chair, Department of Physics and Engineering, Frostburg State University

“The ECE department passed the accreditation process using the Faculty Course Assessment Report (FCAR) as the primary tool for program assessment. EvalTools® streamlines the process of how FCAR was implemented in addition to providing a structured process in data analysis, mapping course outcomes to student outcomes and closing the loop for curriculum improvement.  The use of EvalTools is certainly one of the strengths of the department in 2005 and during the most recent visit in 2011”

Fong Mak, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Gannon University