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We offer a top-quality array of flexible software solutions that meet the needs of K-12 schools and higher education institutions. Our solutions include ♣ managing student information ♣ school operational management system ♣ advanced lesson creation, management, and delivery system ♣ program outcomes assessment ♣ continuous improvement ♣ comprehensive survey system and ♣ institutional self-study system.


We have extensive experience working with K-12 schools and higher education institutions to provide our standard services to meet their needs.


Our team can work on your technology needs and provide effective consultancy to data analysis and assessment preparation in meeting standards.

We are IEdTech certified

EvalTools 7.0 is LTI 1.3 Advantage Complete certified. You can rest assured that you'll be able to integrate your third-party toolsets into EvalTools LMS 3.0.

Registration number: IMSD2C6C25C26C27me2022W1


EvalTools is also OneRoster 1.1 Certified. 

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1EdTech Certified

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Why We Create EvalTools

EvalTools® resolves a nightmare of paperwork, endless coordination among faculty members’ preparation work for program assessment, and time-consuming effort of data collection, compilation, evaluation, and closing the loop for improvement.

What's in LMS 3.0

OBE – Outcomes-Based Education. 

EvalTools® LMS 3.0 goes beyond a technology that includes traditional lessons, assignments, gradable online quizzes, lesson plans, grade books, and attendance.  EvalTools® LMS 3.0 tracks and monitors each program’s effectiveness in teaching delivery and gauging student learning meets targeted learning outcomes.

Why LMS 3.0 for OBE

Interview with Dr. Fong Mak, CEO, MAKTEAM Software, by Marcus Evans. 

To take universities to the next level of education, the focus must be on learning outcomes

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We collected users' publications that illustrate best practices for Outcomes-based Assessment and Outcomes-based Education. 

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Our Partner: IN4OBE



 International Network for Outcome-Based Education


A team of highly dedicated researchers, leaders, and educators established IN4OBE to keep the flame of authentic Outcome Based Education worldwide for the sixth decade. That visionary flame continues to empower every learner and leader within OBE's reach to develop the skills and attributes that elevate humanity and its evolving future.


We have organized many workshops, webinars, and events. EvalTools is the sorely selected tool for OBE implementation.

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Clients Testimonials

We Listen and We Care

Ramakrishnan Sundaram

Faculty, Gannon University

Through the efficient integration of course evaluation and lesson management, EvalTools has successfully established a single platform for instructors to interact with the students and the course materials. 

Davide Pioveson

Program Director, Bio-Medical Engineering, Gannon University

The feature of exporting a report in Word to allow me to include examples of student evaluations in the ABET report is excellent!

Tim Burbules

Student, Gannon University

The overwhelming feeling I get in using EvalTools over ANGLE is the smoothness and conciseness of its operation. The layout is good, and the navigation is easy to follow. 

Esther Schrager

Attendance/EMIS/SOLES Coordinator, VirtualSchoolHouse, Ohio

In AdamTools, the SSID for enrolling students is great! I don’t have to keep copying them over once they’re in. This feature makes my work a lot easier.  

We Offer Possibilites

We are your reliable assistant at work!

Our product suites are modular. You can pick and choose the modules that suit your needs.


"We use the most advanced features in EvalTools that allows us to implement a comprehensive continual quality improvement (CQI) process flow for an FCAR plus the use of specific in-depth performance indicators model. We achieved successful accreditation for three CAC and three EAC programs by critically examining our curriculum assessment for all three domains of Bloom's."

Wajid Hussain,  Director,  Office of Quality and Accreditation, Faculty of Engineering, Islamic University in Madinah


EvalTools® is the ONLY assessment tool endorsed by Spady & Uy Center as the OBE Tool. It is the ONLY tool featured in Asia's first OBE iCON 2016 conference

IN4OBE.org recognizes EvalTools as the next generation of LMS going beyond a technology that includes traditional LMS features for day-to-day activities. IN4OBE, in particular, endorses EvalTools® for its capability to track each student's learning against targeted outcomes aligned with the philosophy of an authentic OBE. IN4OBE designates EvalTools as the ONLY platform for OBE implementation and features EvalTools in Global Virtual Education Summit 2022.

Success Stories

In our most recent ABET visit in 2011, EvalTools® was a 'great tool' to apply because it provided a thorough and solid assessment mechanism for improving the program that helps us in the accreditation process…."

Mohammed Eltayeb, Chair, Department of Physics and Engineering, Frostburg State University

"The ECE department passed the accreditation process beautifully in 2005, 2011, and 2017 using the Faculty Course Assessment Report (FCAR) as the assessment model for program assessment. EvalTools® streamlines the assessment processes by providing a structured data collection and analysis process, easy tracking of course outcomes mapping to student outcomes, and closing the loop for curriculum improvement. Using EvalTools certainly reduces headaches and stress for a chair".

Fong Mak, Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Gannon University, 2000-2013