AdamTools® SIS

AdamTools® is designed to function as a one-stop-shop for student information management from application through graduation. It easily manages information through simple, integrated feature-rich functional managers to streamline a K-12 school’s operation functions. 

K-12 Effective Management Toolset

AdamTools® is a school operation effectiveness management tool.  It encompasses online and on-site admission, course scheduling, registration, attendance management, report cards and transcript management, HR, and fee management.  More importantly, AdamTools® comes with App for teachers and parents to provide close communication between teachers and parents for students’ and schools’ announcements.

Better yet, it allows data management for multiple districts with centralized management features if desired.  Inherently, AdamTools® enables users to have different access rights so that district, school, or student data can be appropriately managed and controlled.

Why to Choose Us?


We provide a centralized location for you to access your data. Data are securely and redundantly backed up.


We customize current module to suit your school


All teachers and parents are connected with apps & web portal

EvalTools® LMS

EvalTools® is designed NOT only for day-to-day classroom activity, but also for gauging learning and teaching delivery in meeting standards.  Its design is parallel to Google Classroom’s features just so that the transition to EvalTools® is easy for those teachers who are familiar with Google Classroom. Better yet, eliminate the confusing interfaces that are common complaints for Google Classroom from students.

A customizable lesson plan for each school to achieve a common platform for contents delivery.

Centralized daily activities at a glance in home page to display key daily activities for students.

Easy-to-use comments interface for communication between students in class and teacher.

Class announcement or school announcement are on homepage for both teachers and students.

Assignments submission and tracking are made simple.

EvalTools® Video is designed to keep your intellectual properties within your school and under your control.  Why post your lecture videos to YouTube and give up control of the ownership of your hardwork. 

In view of COVID-19 and the need for live meeting for future instructions, EvalTools® Meet is designed to fulfill the daily online live remote instructions.

k-12 suite

EvalTools® Meet

EvalTools® Meet is a fully intergated module into EvalTools®. That means you do Not need to separately invite students to your meeting.  Once you set up a meeting, students join your meeting by simply a click when they are in your classroom.

Principal Office:

EvalTools® provides dashboard features for principal to view the overall teachers’ activities.