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We can perform a Mock visit to review your material and processes to give you a better picture of where you stand before the accreditation team shows up. 

Our team has extensive years of experience in curriculum design that makes sense for outcomes assessment.  A well designed  curriculum is the key to eliminate a lot of unnecessary headache for a successful accreditation.  

Your assessment process is essential to how your team can be effective in preparing for accreditation and enhancing the learning objectives.  Our team can certainly work with you to strengthen your program curriculum design and assessment processes. 

Our team has the right expertise and tools in assisting your institution for meeting Middle-States accreditation. Our unique methodology is systematic and easy-to-track that can save ton-of-frustration for your self-study team. 

How to make sense of your state data to enhance student's achievement. 

What instructional technology makes sense for your school in meeting the virtual learning needs. 

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