EvalTools Self-Study

"With EvalTools®, our self-study report with supporting documents is entirely in soft copy. Our evidence room is nothing more than computers with login access to EvalTools® and other University online resources during the Middle-States visit in 2013..."
Co-chair, Self-Study Steering Committee for Middle-States Accreditation, Gannon University, 2013. 

EvalTools® Self-Study is designed specifically for streamlining university-wide accreditation such as the Middle-States accreditation process. The toolset provides:

    • a logical and consistent framework for managing the entire self-study process;
    • the ability to systematically track performance-based rubrics for research questions and their characteristic elements in simple Level 1 and Level 2 tables;
    • easy management of steering committee tasks and the results of each working group;
    • automatic roll-up of findings from characteristic elements to their research questions;
    • clear and simple illustration for reporting group results and report generation;
    • automatic report generation for each standard under study as an appendix to aid in compiling the final report;
    • an effective central depository for objective evidence; and
    • a straight-forward interface for evaluation team to look at your findings before their visit.

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Self-Study Training

EvalTools® Self-Study includes training to assist your team in getting ready and focusing on what needs to be accomplished. The following topics are covered and other topics can be structured according to your institution's needs:

  1. The Language of Assessment
  2. Assessment for Quality Assurance
  3. Tracking and Assessing Teaching/Learning Effectiveness
  4. Assessing Student Outcomes
  5. The commission's expectations for self-study
  6. The commission's expectations for self-study design
  7. Assessing with performance vectors
  8. Working session on generating research questions

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