K-12 Suite

We offer a comprehensive product suite that covers two major products: AdamTools™ and EvalTools®. These two products are well-integrated yet independent modules.

    • AdamTools™ Suite—is designed to function as a one-stop-shop for student information management from application to graduation. It is designed for easy management of information through simple, integrated, feature-rich functional managers to streamline a K-12 school's operational functions. Its special ed. module is designed to provide comprehensive management of special education needs. It provides complete coverage for Intervention Assistant Team (IAT), Multi-Factor Evaluation (MFE) and Individual Education Program (IEP).
    • EvalTools® K12—is designed to provide comprehensive treatment for course/teaching assessment and student outcomes assessment. It provides summative and formative assessment tools to allow teachers to gauge teaching topics aligned with student outcomes (state standards); ensure the right level of challenge; focus teaching based on the needs of each student; and implement instructional strategies to increase student achievement. It makes meeting Common Code and State Standards much easier.

K-12 Suite Features

The following table illustrates the main features/modules available for the K-12 Suite:

Module Features AdamTools™ Enroll AdamTools™ Special Ed. AdamTools™ PBS AdamTools™ SIS AdamTools™ Suite
Online Form Customizable online application form, authenticated electronic signature, alerting email to school, multiple entries of child records with a single login X     X X
Enrollment  Manager On-Site admissions, accounts for online application, tracks online application material, notes tracking of application status, alert emails to school personnel, tracks enrollment status X     X X
Student Manager Tracks active students and alumni, student demographic, communicates with parents, note tracking on students, student SSID tracking, student files X   X X X
  Student course schedule, student advisor       X X
Course Manager Course scheduling, tracks teaching and student schedules, checks for schedule conflicts, monitors class sizes, produces master course schedules, mass import of course schedules       X X
Attendance Manager Tracks attendance by course, by student and by period; monitors attendance by course, by student and by period as well as the attendance rate for school       X X
Transcript Manager Gradebook; report cards; customizable report card; diploma audit—tracks graduation requirements; customizable transcript generation; tracks external exam records such as OGT, etc.; tracks transferred credits       X X
Report Manager Customizable student information reports; allows easy printing X X   X X
Behavior Manager Tracks positive behavior points awarded to students, reward center; tracks infractions by student and by location     X X X
IAT Manager IAT referral tracking; tracks and monitors process of IAT cases; assigning IAT team; tracks IAT meeting, tracks test scores; for IAT; communicates with Team; communicates with parents; tracks progress status and notes; tracks final recommendation; seamless transition to MFE records; color-coded tracking of meetings taken or scheduled   X     X
MFE Manager Tracks and accepts referral; case summary of progress status; team assignment, MFE meeting; orders tests and services; progress notes tracking and parent communication; ETR forms; tracks and monitors final recommendation   X     X
IEP Manager Seamless transfer of records from MFE to IEP; case summary of progress status, team assignment, IEP forms (PR-06); tracking of final recommendation   X     X
Notes/ Communication Manager Tracks student notes and communications with parents; downloads PR-01-PR-09 forms.   X     X
Test Manager Easy access to assigned tasks on test services; keeps record of tests ordered   X     X
CBM Manager Curriculum-based measurement toolset that features graphical reporting and tracking of student performance   X     X