EvalTools OAS - RBS

EvalTools OAS - RBS

EvalTools® RBS is unique in identifying a user's role in your school once the user logs in. EvalTools® RBS gives Provosts, Deans, Chairs, program directors, faculty members, and students each their own relevant features once logged in. Features available to each user are hierarchical, much like that of your school.


EvalTools RBS Key Features

The Provost/Deans can see data at all levels. Chairs can see data at the departmental level, and a faculty member can only see data at the chair level.

EvalTools® RBS provides features grouped in "Offices," much like the functional units at school, as follows:

Key Advantages

Provost/Dean Office:

The Dean's Office is where all course assessment surveys are tabulated over terms to provide a longitudinal view of the university's teaching data.

Chair Office:

Chair Office consists of similar features as those of the Dean Office. Chair office is also essential in the department. It has main features such as:

Secretary Office:

Secretary Office: shares the functions of the Chair Office. Secretary Office provides a centralized effort to enter course information for survey deployment without an additional burden on individual faculty members. In addition, the Secretary Office can assist faculty members in entering course information and syllabi.

Teacher Office:

EvalTools® has provided reporting features in the Faculty Office to make it easy for members to produce any teaching records. The report can assist faculty members in self-evaluation.

EvalTools Community

EvalTools® Community offers a "My Community" portal for social clubs and committees. EvalTools® is a role-based system. User interfaces are arranged according to the user's role, such as a student, a faculty, or a chair. However, regardless of users' roles, "My Community" is a common portal available to all.

EvalTools® Community -- Committee

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