EvalTools IIS

EvalTools® IIS  is a comprehensive and complete toolset to help your institution focus on meeting your educational goals and targets by (1) streamlining and enhancing the teaching and learning experience; (2) serving as data warehousing of all your current and past teaching data; (3) providing a consistent curriculum framework to meet your educational standards.

EvalTools® IIS consists of three integrated modules:



EvalTools® LMS centers around the planning-teaching-assessment cycle for any given course. By doing so, EvalTools® LMS embeds assessment in teaching and learning activities right from the beginning

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EvalTools® OAS categorizes the quality improvement levels, PEOA, SOA, and COA. EvalTools® provides rich and relevant features to support each of these three levels of assessment activities.

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EvalTools® IIS-AAS is unique in identifying a user's role in your school once the individual logs in. EvalTools® gives Provosts, Deans, Chairs, program directors, faculty members, and students their own relevant features once logged in.

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