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Curriculum Outcomes Matrix

The Curriculum Outcomes Matrix provides the overview of strengths and weaknesses of courses in meeting student outcomes.

A simplified overview of the curriculum outcome matrix—gives only the aggregate correlation relations without the detailed course outcomes as shown in the above figure. This is useful when a simplified overview is desired.

A detailed student view on curriculum outcome matrix—gives aggregate results from student evaluation on each course outcome as measured against program outcomes. It gives the students' perception of the program and reveals potential weaknesses of the program.

A detailed comparative view on curriculum outcome matrix—gives the comparative aggregate results from both students and faculty. This comparative view matrix determines if the students' perspectives are accountable and in line with those of the faculty.

Longitudinal Data:

EvalTools® provides an easy way to retrieve and tabulate data over terms for a longitudinal analysis for program assessment improvement or justification/validation of your assessment on your program at each course level. 

From the EvalTools® trend data table, you can derive 

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The outcomes assessment process is meaningful if closing the loop on assessment can be properly executed in a timely manner. EvalTools® adopts the best practice on a "closing-the-loop" instrument, the Faculty Course Assessment Report (FCAR). The FCAR is essentially a brief reflection on course delivery given by each faculty at the end of the term. In general, the FCAR contains items such as:

  1. Course description
  2. Course outcomes
  3. Course grade distribution
  4. Old action items
  5. Course reflection
  6. New action items
  7. Course outcomes assessment
  8. Student outcomes assessment

Student Outcomes Assessment:

In the FCAR, EvalTools® also maps course outcomes to student outcomes and the key assignments that pertain to those student outcomes. There can be more outcomes for a class than student outcomes. It is not necessary to map each course outcome to a student outcome. Regardless of how proper mapping between course outcomes and student outcomes is determined, EvalTools® will track them for you. 

The FCAR is a snapshot of how well a particular course is meeting student outcomes. From here, the following questions can be addressed during evaluation:

Course Outcomes Assessment:

As part of the effort to streamline the assessment process, EvalTools® goes much further in simplifying your job by automating the consolidating data process and computing the necessary performance vector for each key assignment assigned to meet a specific course outcome.

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