Effective Toolset for School Management System

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  1. Easy control of access rights for different categories of personnel such as teachers, staff, etc. For example, the admissions staff sees features pertaining only to admissions, but not other features

  1. Centralized grade entry
  2. Easy generation of student transcripts
  3. Effective monitoring of academic performance

  1. Centralized tracking of student demographic information, contacts, supporting admissions documents
  2. Convenient individual student course schedules
  3. Simple interface and tracking of communication with parents or guardians
  4. Easy monitoring of attendance records and grades and final transcript generation

  1. Comprehensive management of the student admissions process, online or on campus
  2. Email alerts for quick follow-up of new online applicants
  3. Easy tracking of student application status
  4. Customizable online application form
  5. Centralized recordkeeping for supporting admissions documents
  6. Customized display of school logo and contact information on the online application form
  7. Full control of the admissions process and data
  8. Customized notification of accepted students to selected personnel such as teachers, counselors

  1. Centralized management of each school district’s course offerings
  2. Easy creation of master course schedules with dates, times, and locations for online display or distribution
  3. Simple ways to assign courses to teachers and students
  4. Even tracking of past-term master course schedules

  1. Most comprehensive attendance tracking system
  2. Student attendance records searchable by course or by student
  3. Easy monitoring/tracking of attendance records in all courses
  4. Easy monitoring/tracking of school attendance records for any selected period
  5. PDF report generation for attendance records
  6. Smart analysis of attendance rates for students, courses, or the entire school district

AdamToolsTM can be deployed by design at a state level to manage all school districts via a common monitoring system.

  1. Centralized management of data for a school district or multiple school districts at different locations
  2. School district personnel (teacher, staff, etc.) are assigned access rights pertaining only to their school district
  3. A super administrator determines how AdamToolsTM is to be deployed and how school districts are managed

AdamTools® -- An Effecive and Comprehensive Toolset for School Management System

We went through many iterations of design enhancement by including direct inputs from our clients. AdamTools manages your admission, student information, course scheduling, and report cards.  AdamTools® provides easy and meaningful ways of communicating with parents to keep them informed and closely interacting with your teachers. 


AdamTools® comes with Apps for teachers and parents. School principals can choose to approve the message from teachers before sending it out to parents or allow total autonomy.  The App nurtures a closer relationship with students' parents, and keeps them well-informed. 

We make school announcements easy to manage.  School can draft the announcement and schedule the date and time for the announcement, AdamTools® will send them out via emails and SMS messages. 

What will be the best way to keep parents happy? show them their latest activity photos of their kids.  AdamTools® makes it very easy for you to organize the photos in categories or homerooms or even specific parents.   Soon, we will also release the module on forming a yearbook from the collected photos.  

AdamTools® comes with customized report cards to your needs. Parents can view their kids' report cards either on a mobile App or online.  Parents love the flexibilities to monitor their kid's learning progress anytime and anywhere. 

If your school collects tuition from students, this module will make your life easier by customizing what you want to charge and generating reports monthly. 

Class scheduling is always a tedious task. School wants an overall report for the class schedule. Parents want their kids' class schedules readily available.  Principals want to know each teacher's teaching schedule. Each homeroom has its own schedule.  The good thing is AdamTools® can handle this easily for you. 

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