EvalTools Suite

EvalTools® Suite is comprised of three independent yet well-integrated products. They are: (1) EvalTools® IIS, (2) EvalTools® Survey and (3) EvalTools® Self-Study. EvalTools® IIS, an instructional improvement system, is specifically designed to streamline program assessment and evaluation processes and reduce the administrative burden for outcomes assessment preparation processes. EvalTools® IIS comes with an integrated Learning Management System (LMS). The strengths of EvalTools® IIS include:

    • Program Assessment and Evaluation
    • Administration Assistant for Faculty and School Administrators
    • Day-to-Day Teaching and Learning


For details of EvalTools® IIS, please refer to the EvalTools® IIS menu on the right. In addition to toolsets that focus on student learning, EvalTools® Survey and EvalTools® Self-Study focus on institutional-wide survey needs and self-study preparation for regional accreditation such as Middle-States Accreditation. The following table gives brief highlights of the EvalTools® Suite:


 Modules   Functionalities 
Learning Management System (LMS)
  • lessons, assignments, grade book, attendance, class mails, etc.
Outcomes Assessment System (OAS)
  • Course portfolio, curriculum outcomes mapping, action items matrix, course outcomes assessment, student outcomes assessment, Faculty Course Assessment Reports (FCAR), Executive summary, rubric, etc.
Academic Administration System (AAS) 
  • Roles-based features for students, faculty, chair, Dean, and Provost Offices
  • Centralized teaching rating records for department, college-level, etc.
  • Centralized syllabi for departments, colleges, etc.
Survey System
  • End-of-term class survey
  • senior-exit survey, alumni survey, employer survey, create-your-own survey
 Institutional-wide Self-Study
  • Module designed for Middle States accreditation process
  • Consistent framework for managing the entire self-study process
  • Systematic tracking performance-based rubrics for research questions
  • Automatic roll-up of findings from characteristic elements to their research questions
  • Automatic report generation for each standard under study as appendix
  • More...